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Presented at BookExpo America

Javits Center | New York City
Monday, June 4, 2012

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Registration - See on schedule

Monday at 7:45am

Welcome - See on schedule

Monday at 8:45am

With: Mike Shatzkin (The Idea Logical Company)

A brief welcome from Conference Chair, Mike Shatzkin

Book Publishing in 2012 - See on schedule

Monday at 8:50am

With: Michael Cader (Publishers Marketplace)

Michael Cader of Publishers Marketplace will review recent digital developments affecting the global book industry, and he will outline the current state of play among aggregators, distributors, retailers, and other major international players.

Software as a Service: The Opportunity for Publishers - See on schedule

Monday at 9:05am

With: Ken Michaels (Hachette Book Group)

In a rapidly transforming industry the ability to innovate and adapt can require huge capital investment, expertise and change. The good news is that publishers do not have to be experts at every process or capability nor do they need to build these tools for themselves. Hachette Book Group COO, Ken Michaels, has been leading the innovative transformation at his company in a comprehensive way over the past three years. He will discuss the changes and the opportunities along with the transitional issues and challenges in this journey -- as well as sharing some new capabilities Hachette has developed that may now be available as SAAS tools for others in the industry.

Remaking the Publishing House - See on schedule

Monday at 9:20am

With: Chris Bauerle (Sourcebooks), Sara Domville (F+W Media, Inc.), Joe Mangan (The Perseus Books Group), Carolyn Pittis (HarperCollins), David Wilk (Booktrix) (h)

Accelerating digital change has forced publishers to change their workflows and organizational structures around the ways products are acquired, developed, marketed, and sold. This is forcing publishers to make tough decisions across their companies about where to grow their investments and where they have to retrench to claw back scarce funds. It is also requiring publishers to rethink some aspects of the digital future they thought they understood, like DRM. A panel of publishers will examine how the growth of ebooks, the challenges of complex digital products, and the shrinking of the print distribution network and supporting marketing environment has changed what they do and how they do it. They will look at how they've adjusted personnel and workflows to adapt their approach to the entire publishing process over the past few years. And they’ll discuss their current thinking about DRM at a time when the industry seems to be reconsidering whether it is more trouble than it is worth.

Morning break - See on schedule

Monday at 10:00am

A Global View of Digital Change: Up to the Minute - See on schedule

Monday at 10:30am

With: Molly Barton (Penguin Group), Mike Shatzkin (The Idea Logical Company) (h)

Molly Barton is the new Global Digital Director for Penguin. In that role she oversees a wide range of ebook initiatives all over the world. Under her direction, Penguin recently launched Book Country, a web community that enables genre friction writers to help each other and then publish their work. In this session, Molly will be interviewed by Mike Shatzkin. Molly and Mike will discuss the growth of self-publishing, how it will affect established publishers, and what Penguin hopes to gain from operating Book Country. Molly and Mike will also discuss a range of other topics, including publishing short works, the different rates of ebook penetration around the world, the future for illustrated books in digital editions, and, undoubtedly, some new issues relating to digital publishing that will have arisen in the days before the conference.

Publishers Launchpad: Spotlight on Semi-Linear - See on schedule

Monday at 10:45am

With: Michael Cader (Publishers Marketplace) (h), Linda Holliday (Semi-Linear)

Linda Holliday of Semi-linear, who has been a successful entrepreneur in digital content, marketing, and cable TV, is a woman with a vision. She believes there is a big opportunity for digital publishing in high-concept non-fiction, but it requires deconstructing and reconstructing the book to realize it. This summer, Semi-linear will be launching its new line of book-app products, Citia. Focused initially on the intersection of business and technology, Citia apps are designed to help smart, busy people navigate complex content faster and with more control than with books delivered the old-fashioned linear way. At the same time, the Citia treatment enables viral sharing that promotes sales, not piracy. At PLC BEA, Linda will show what Citia’s unique treatment does to present books we've all heard of and what opportunities she sees for publishers of serious non-fiction in the future.

Publishers Launchpad: The Next Generation in eBook Production - See on schedule

Monday at 11:00am

With: Linda Holliday (Semi-Linear) (h), Ron Martinez (Aerbook), Hugh McGuire (PressBooks)

Publishers Launchpad, a new conference feature from Publishers Launch Conferences, is a forum to highlight new propositions for the trade publishing value chain. This round of Launchpad will focus on two companies innovating to create new tools for the next generation of ebook production. Hugh McGuire will demo the cloud-based PressBooks platform for simple, straightforward (and collaborative) ebook publishing. Then Ron Martinez of Aerbook will share his Author toolkit and Page Apps system for collaborative design and development of HTML5 and interactive fixed-layout epubs. Each company will present for 7 minutes, followed by Q&A with moderator Linda Holliday.

Agents In Transition: Direct publishing, new deals, and rethinking sub-rights - See on schedule

Monday at 11:25am

With: Laura Dail (The Laura Dail Literary Agency), Tim Knowlton (Curtis Brown), Simon Lipskar (Writers House), Laura Owen (h), Jennifer Weltz (Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc. (JVNLA))

Changes have been taking place on both sides of the literary agents' business. Their clients are requiring a new range of services to take full advantage of digital change which is requiring the agents to learn new technologies and new skills. And the negotiations with publishers are affected too: more effort is being made to negotiate global deals and the digital world forces rethinking around audio and other rights that might be important for enhanced ebooks. Foreign rights and language deals now require assessing the impact of distribution in an ever-smaller digital world. For long-established agencies, ebooks present unique opportunities (and challenges) around monetizing the backlists. A panel of agents large and small will discuss these forces and trends to tell us what is already different than the recent past and what we can expect to see in the months to come.

Lunch - See on schedule

Monday at 12:00pm

On your own

eBooks Go Global: A look at ebook growth around the world - See on schedule

Monday at 1:00pm

With: Kelly Gallagher (RR Bowker)

Bowker Market Research is building a Global eBook Monitor (GEM) to compare and analyze ebook purchasing and growth in countries around the world, including the US, UK, Australia, India, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, and Spain. Kelly Gallagher the VP for Research at Bowker, will report on the initial findings of the service, which is being instituted in partnership with Pearson, Tata Consulting Services, BISG, and AT Kearney. At Publishers Launch BEA, Gallagher will report new data at "country level" from GEM's information-gathering.

Sales Across the Borders -- Import - See on schedule

Monday at 1:20pm

With: Patricia Arancibia (Barnes &, Javier Celaya (, Mike Shatzkin (The Idea Logical Company) (h)

Last year, for the first time at a digital change conference, Publishers Launch took a look at how publishers outside the US were taking advantage of the digital infrastructure to sell directly to the retailers that serve American customers without a local intermediary distributor. Now Barnes & Noble, the pioneering retailer at aggregating titles from offshore, has seen their efforts joined by Amazon and Kobo as well. In this session, a panel of offshore publishers will talk about the growth of sales for non-American and often non-English-language titles in the American ebook marketplace with Patricia Arancibia, who has been building the largest aggregation of those ebooks for the US audience at Barnes & Noble.

Sales Across the Borders -- Export - See on schedule

Monday at 1:55pm

With: David Cully (Baker & Taylor), Chris Dufault (Random House), Jack Perry (38enso) (h), Dan Vidra (VP Americas), David Wolfson (HarperCollins Publishers)

The explosive growth of digital sales has created tremendous opportunity in the international marketplace for US publishers. With assistance from the Association of American Publishers, PLC has assembled a panel of export executives at three major publishers and the CEO of one of America's two national wholesalers to discuss how they are taking advantage of new sales channels to bring their books to the widest possible audience. All our panelists are seeing results from both the print and ebook markets in many countries every day and the insights they have to share will help all publishers, large and small, better understand and address the opportunities that are emerging in the changing global publishing supply chain.

Early eBook Sales Data from New Markets Outside North America - See on schedule

Monday at 2:30pm

With: Michael Tamblyn (Kobo Inc.)

Kobo has been opening ebook operations around the world. Last Fall, they started selling devices and content in partnership with the giant retailers W.H. Smith in the UK and FNAC in France. (In fact, Kobo may be the leading ebook retailer in France at the moment.) Several months of sales have been tallied, and Kobo is in a position to tell us what's different about marketplaces. Michael Tamblyn, Kobo's Vice-President overseeing marketing and content and all these initiatives around the world, will present a pot pourri of facts and insights as we start to see the ebook phenomenon grow outside its beinnings in the North American market.

Afternoon Break - See on schedule

Monday at 2:50pm

Taking the Plunge: DRM-free from a Big Six Publisher - See on schedule

Monday at 3:15pm

With: Fritz Foy (Holtzbrinck Publishers), Mike Shatzkin (The Idea Logical Company) (h)

When Macmillan announced in late April that they would be the first Big Six house to routinely deliver a large portion of their ebook output -- all the titles published by Tom Doherty's imprint, which includes -- as DRM-free ebooks, the news lit up Twitter feeds and thrilled the publishing digerati. It came on the heels of Pottermore, but actually reflects internal thinking and preparation at Macmillan going back four years or more. As Fritz Foy, Macmillan's EVP of Digital Publishing and leading technology strategist, will explain in a conversation with Mike Shatzkin, the company considered the needs of three sets of constituents: the readers who buy the ebooks, the authors who write them, and their internal editing and publishing teams that communicate with the author and agent communities. Foy will discuss the lengthy consideration the senior management of Macmillan gave to this bold step, explain why they took it, and help us all think through what the benefits and consequences might be to their business.

A Changing Retail Marketplace: Print and digital sales trends for narrative fiction and non-fiction, illustrated, and children's books - See on schedule

Monday at 3:35pm

With: Phil Ollila (Ingram Content Group Inc.)

Book retailing is in a dynamic period where sales are moving from brick stores to online channels. That's partly driven by the switch of immersive reading to digital; it's also driven by the reduction of shelf space. There is anecdotal evidence suggesting that stores are shifting their attention to books that need to be seen and touched to be purchased: adult illustrated books and children's books. And those books are the very books that have not benefited proportionately from the growth of digital book consumption. But is the shift we think is happening real? Are bookstores really stocking fewer novels and more illustrated books? Is the proportion of sales made online versus in stores changing at different speeds for straight immersive books and illustrated books? Industry data is hard to read on this question, but America's biggest wholesaler, Ingram Book Company has data that can give us insight. In this presentation by Phil Ollila of Ingram, he will show us their data for illustrated book sales versus straight narrative, including some category breakdowns. He'll describe the overall trend for the key categories -- straight text, adult illustrated, and kids: the split Ingram sees between brick stores and online, the number of retail outlets Ingram sees buying meaningful quantities of these different categories, and what we're seeing as the trend for library sales broken down the same way.

Globalizing the Market for Comic Books - See on schedule

Monday at 3:50pm

With: David Steinberger (ComiXology)

Comics and its sub-sets, like Manga, is a $750 million business in the US and it is a larger business, relative to books, in the rest of the world than it is here. The leader in taking comics to digital platforms - both to help publishers and retailers sell the often-collectible print versions as well as presenting them digitally -- is Comixology. David Steinberger, the founder and CEO of Comixology, will describe the challenges faced by comic book publishers around the world taking advantage of global opportunities, including challenges with rights, formats, and local tastes. His insights into what it will take for US publishers to sell internationally and for offshore comic book publishers to sell in the US will have lessons for other genres and verticals where similar challenges arise, certainly including books about cooking and food, among many others.

Can Virtual Discovery Replace Bookstore Discovery: Skepticism Backed Up by Data - See on schedule

Monday at 4:05pm

With: Peter Hildick-Smith (Codex Group)

Peter Hildick-Smith runs Codex, a research firm that has been looking at the ebook marketplace with quarterly consumer surveys for almost a decade. In this presentation, Hildick-Smith will lay out his data-driven concerns that as bookstores are diminishing, they are taking publishers' ability to promote new titles and new authors along with them. He will deliver some arresting data about how digital reading behavior changes over time, as well as some sobering information about how ineffective search engine optimization and social network marketing are as potential substitutes for bookstore display. He makes a persuasive and data-documented case that the bookstores are of critical importance to publishers and that almost any steps to save them will be in the industry's, and particularly in the yet-undiscovered authors', best interest. And he offers a persuasive case that the luckiest authors of all will be those who get their brands established before bookstores diminish to irrelevance; they'll be "locked in" to sales for years to come.

The Future of Book Discovery - See on schedule

Monday at 4:20pm

With: Amanda Close (Random House), Michael Healy (Copyright Clearance Center) (h), Peter Hildick-Smith (Codex Group), Rick Joyce (Perseus Books Group), Scott Stein (USA TODAY)

The book business has historically depended on a set of tools to call titles to the attention of potential readers that are fading in importance: bookstores, of course, but also book pages in daily newspapers and magazines, local media that featured authors, and even book clubs that mailed colorful catalogs to millions of people and bought full page ads that featured books as well. All of these are diminishing; the primary effort is to replace them with better metadata promoting more efficient search and by social network marketing. This panel, including Peter Hildick-Smith with some publishers and a member of the media, will talk about book discovery is changing, how well the new techniques are working, and what the future holds for publishers and authors trying to make a name for themselves or a new title in the years to come.

Closing remarks - See on schedule

Monday at 5:00pm

With: Michael Cader (Publishers Marketplace), Mike Shatzkin (The Idea Logical Company)