Speaker Guidelines

Terms and Conditions

  • In return for participating at a Publishers Launch conference, each speaker will receive a full registration pass for that Publishers Launch event. Passes do not include admission to co-located events.
  • We are not able to offer additional complimentary passes to speakers, though whenever possible we will try to offer discounts that speakers may share with their networks.
  • If for any reason a speaker is unable to attend, the speaker pass is forfeited and may not be transferred to another attendee.
  • Once booked, each speaker will receive an email with instructions for accessing the PLC website. Speakers should complete the online profile through the PLC website within two (2) weeks of confirmation. This task may be delegated to an authorized designee.

Panel Discussions


  • Panels feature three or four panelists and a moderator.
  • We prefer panels to be conversational in nature and to avoid individual presentations or serial interviews whenever possible.
  • The moderator will introduce the topic of the panel and provide brief introductions for each of the panelists.
  • The moderator will then direct pre-screened questions to the panel.
  • Panels may, at their discretion, decide to leave time at the end of the discussion for questions from the audience.


  • Moderators will be assigned no later than one (1) month prior to the conference.
  • The moderator will schedule conversations with each panelist (individually or as a group).
  • Panelists will be able to review and contribute to the questions throughout the planning stages.
  • With input from the panelists, the moderator will draft questions for the panel and distribute prior to the event.
  • Each question will be directed to a designated lead answerer. Though all the panelists will be invited to contribute to any question.

*We will prepare walk-in slides to display during each panel, including session title and panelist names and companies.


  • Publishers Launch will work closely with presenters to develop and refine presentations leading up to the conference.
  • Final slides and related presentation materials should be delivered one (1) week prior to the conference.
  • We strongly prefer PowerPoint files or PDFs, though we will try to accommodate other formats whenever possible.
  • While we do provide on-site wifi access, we do not recommend live demos or streaming during presentations due to variability in service and signal strength.
  • Presenters should contact us immediately if they anticipate any special A/V needs.

Most panel discussions will not feature individual presentations from panelists.

Moderator Responsibilities

  • Publishers Launch Conferences will provide the general description for the panel, some possible questions to cover, and biographical information for each panelist. We will also facilitate the introduction and initial contact between moderator and panelists no later than one (1) month prior to the conference.
  • The moderator is responsible for speaking to each panelist before the conference. We can provide administrative support for moderators to get in touch with panelists or to schedule a conference call.
  • The moderator will begin the panel discussion by introducing each panelist and explaining to the audience why the panelists have been selected (for complementary viewpoints such as big publisher, small publisher, etc.). Moderators should ask each panelist if there is anything specific they would like said during the introduction.
  • Based on our starter set of questions and input from panelists, the moderator will create the outline for the conversation. The moderator will identify a lead answerer to each question (in consultation with the panelists) so they are prepared. Having a designated lead ensures that each question is adequately addressed, but panelists should be encouraged to jump in and engage with each other throughout as part of the discussion.
  • If the panel plans to take questions from the audience, the moderator should come prepared with a few extra questions in case none are forthcoming.