Tipping the Scales: Publishers Launch BEA 2013 (Publishing Trends)

“…Much of what was covered at Publishers Launch BEA… centered on whether or not size will really matter and what the behemoths of the industry, which only seem to be getting bigger, mean for everyone else.”

Penguin Random House, the “Following Four,” and the Future of Competition (Publishing Perspectives)

“For those people who are concerned that Amazon or another force becomes so dominant that there is no other market, the question is how much are you reinvesting back into your vision of the future?”

News Corp’s HarperCollins May be Acquirer, Says Providence Equity’s Napack (

“Amazon, at its heart, is a customer relationship management company. Publishers, at their heart, are author relationship management companies.”

What the Toronto Star, Chicago Tribune and other media companies have learned from publishing ebooks (paidContent)

“That’s an ebook waiting to happen…”

Literary Agent: We’re in the Artist Management Business (Digital Book World)

“Authors today have more power than ever before and more options than ever before, leaving some to question why they need agents and, when they have them, what agents can do for them.”

F+W Media: Building a Multi-Million Dollar E-Commerce Business (Digital Book World)

“For F+W Media, the enhanced relationship with readers (read: customers) may be the biggest advantage of its strategy.”