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Registration is open for Publishers Launch BEA 2013!

On Wednesday, May 29, Publishers Launch Conferences returns again for a full-day session at BookExpo America 2013.

At Publishers Launch BEA, you will get near-term practical and strategic solutions and tips to help manage the digital transition. PLC BEA is for trade publishers everywhere. You’ll get the latest insights on digital change issues, including organizational changes and marketing innovation, that are not ebook-centric.

Program information and speaker line-up are nearly final.

As publishing faces a new era of consolidation, how publishers, agencies, and service providers of all sizes are developing scale and critical mass in their operations and building unique service propositions, audiences, and lock-in

Throughout the day, we will hear from agents, publishing companies, and service and technology providers that are developing new services and initiatives with the potential to have a real impact on the publishing landscape. These companies are looking to paradigmatically change the business, in ways both large and small. We’ll see how larger companies are developing and leveraging their scale to improve supply chain efficiency, reach new and broader audiences, and better serve both authors and readers. And we’ll see how some smaller companies are operating under the radar, without great scale but within strong niches where brand matters more than scale.

Bigger Data
Parsing the data to find the most salient and relevant points and providing critical perspective to help you understand what it all means for your business

Publishers have access to more data than ever before: consumer studies, sales reports, bestseller lists, price and rank trackers, profiles, and surveys. But how does it all fit together to tell a larger story about an industry in transition? We’re taking a new approach with this show: Instead of just the latest quarterly update from a particular survey, Publishers Launch will review all of the latest research and synthesize what you need to know — and what we still don’t know — about the changing book business.

Independent Analysis of the “Elephants” In the Room
Straightforward reporting and informed analysis of the topics and developments impacting trade publishers today, with a clear-eyed view of the implications for the future of the industry

One of the hardest parts of booking a conference is finding people who are able to speak freely about the biggest and most controversial topics. In another new twist, PLC organizers and recognized publishing thought leaders Mike Shatzkin and Michael Cader will be joined by analysts and executives from both inside the industry and out to discuss the most political and fraught subjects facing publishing today: the future of Amazon and B&N, what to look for from a Random House and Penguin merger, what might work as a strategy for the other general publishers, and what to expect from illustrated books in digital and the various publishing start-ups, and much more…


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