Book Publishing in the Cloud

How Software as a Service is Transforming the Book Publishing Industry

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Baruch College | New York, NY
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Last year at Publishers Launch New York, we debuted our very successful eBooks for Everyone Else conference and speed-dating format. This year, we build on that success with an in-depth look at the opportunities for publishers to save time and money with cloud-based publishing solutions.

Publishers of all types and sizes are increasingly turning to cloud-based software services as a cost-effective alternative to traditional publishing solutions. Cloud services promise the latest technologies without a large up-front investment. They can help to streamline the complex workings of large publishers, and they can level the playing field by providing new capabilities and scale to smaller players.

Book Publishing in the Cloud will explore the benefits and opportunities afforded by software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, including reduced costs and improved efficiencies. Publishers who have implemented such services will share lessons learned and best practices as well as some of the compromises they have had to make and potential pitfalls along the way. Service providers and technology experts will also be on hand to meet with attendees, answer questions, and help find the right publishing solutions for each attendee.

Book Publishing in the Cloud is an intensive one-day event for publishing executives and IT professionals who need to understand the changing nature of publishing technology infrastructure as they decide how to best to invest their scarce resources at a time of rapid change.

To learn more now for free, watch the recorded webcast we held prior to the event.


Attendees will learn:

  • Major trends driving adoption of cloud-based software tools
  • Pros and cons of using SaaS solutions
  • How to know which tools are the best fit for your company
  • What you need to do before selecting a vendor
  • How to evaluate the cost and ROI of cloud services vs. traditional IT initiatives
  • Strategies for getting the most value out of the new tools

Program features:

  • SaaS Basics: What is it? What’s the history? What does it mean for publishers?
  • Approaches to SaaS: How different companies are mixing, matching, and customizing cloud services to meet their needs
  • Functional Breakdown:  A detailed review of the opportunities and options for cloud-based solutions at every step in the publishing process:
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Title Management
    • Editorial & Production Management
    • Digital Asset Management & Distribution
    • Marketing & Commerce Solutions
    • Rights & Royalties
    • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Implementation: Publishers of different types and sizes will discuss the process of implementing cloud-based services and how they have integrated different tools and workflow changes in their companies.
  • Small group sessions with leading solutions providers
  • The future of SaaS and the publishing IT department

Who should attend:

  • Publishing executives at large companies making critical technology and infrastructure investment decisions
  • Small and mid-sized publishers looking for new opportunities for scale
  • IT professionals in the publishing business who need to understand the changing landscape of cloud-based publishing solutions
  • Managers across publishing departments responsible for making sure their departments function efficiently.