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Publishing’s Future in the Cloud

Presented by Ken Michaels, COO, Hachette Book Group

In a rapidly transforming industry the ability to innovate and adapt can require huge capital investment, expertise and change. The good news is that publishers do not have to be experts at every process or capability nor do they need to build these tools for themselves. Hachette Book Group COO, Ken Michaels, has been leading the innovative transformation at his company in a comprehensive way over the past three years. In this presentation, he explores the implications and applications of cloud computing and what it means for the future of publishing.

Publishing in the Cloud & The Digital Publishing Enterprise

Presented by John Wicker & Russ Stanton, Global Consulting Practice, Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the worlds largest technology firms, brings more than 40 years of IT expertise to the Publishers Launch stage. They present new insights for the publishing industry with results from their extensive study of how over 600 companies in all sectors are using cloud services in every function of their businesses.

Understanding the Options: A review of cloud services and solutions available to publishers

Presented by Ted Hill, President, THA Consulting

Ted Hill of THA Consulting breaks down the different types of cloud-based offerings available to the publishing industry. He helps publishers of all sizes understand the breadth and depth of services available and what they need to know when looking for the right solution.

Increasing Permissions Revenues with Point-of-Content Licensing

Presented by Alfredo Santana, Associate Director of Global Rights Operations, John Wiley & Sons

Handling permissions is one of the most labor-intensive and low-revenue tasks in any publishing house. But new cloud services provide automation and efficiency to make small licensing transactions less onerous and more remunerative. Alfredo Santana, Associate Director of Global Rights Operations at John Wiley & Sons shares how Copyright Clearance Center’s RightsLink service has freed up staff time, improved workflow, and increased permissions revenue for the publisher.

Constellation: Publishing in the Cloud

Using the cloud-based Prezi platform, Rick Joyce, CMO of the Perseus Books Group, shares insights learned from deploying a suite of services to meet the very varied needs of over 350 Constellation clients. He explores the advantages and disadvantages of cloud services, and he explains all the ways Constellation and the Perseus Books Group use cloud services — including how they manage the vetting, distribution, and support process for their distributed clients.

Legacy is a Four-Letter Word: Getting Past Embedded Technology and Embracing a Service-Oriented Architecture

Presented by Michael Covington, Director of Digital Content, David C Cook

“Publishing in the Cloud” just sounds cool, doesn’t it? There are so many options for SaaS implementations within a publishing operation of ANY size and at a fraction of the cost of many enterprise systems, migrating to the cloud seems like a no-brainer – especially for small and mid-size publishers. No matter your size however (even if you’re a one-man show), change is never easy and cost is only one consideration when making a systems-oriented transition. In this presentation, Michael Covington, Director of Digital Content, David C Cook, quickly walks you through the challenges, pitfalls, benefits and opportunities of adopting cloud-based business processes as a small to mid-size publisher.

This presentation will help publishers better understand why and when cloud-based solutions make sense (and when they might not) for small to mid-size publishers.

Commoditizing IT: Enterprise Technology as a Service

Presented by Yuvi Kochar, CTO, The Washington Post Company

Yuvi Kochar, the CTO of the Washington Post holding company, is delivering diverse ERP and SaaS solutions as a streamlined and well-defined set of technology services. The Shared IT Services team is providing services to the different businesses the Washington Post newspaper and Kaplan education, among others, that his holding company owns. He discusses the service model, organization structure and the technology architecture the Post has developed to ensure success of this new IT services delivery model. His team has to vet the solutions, enable their distribution, and do all that being mindful of how things will look (and work) a level removed from the solution provider.

A Publisher’s Checklist for Cloud Services

Presented by Ted Hill, President, THA Consulting

Ted Hill returns to the stage to outline what publishers need to think about as they ready their own staff for cloud-based services. He also helps guide publishers to ask the right questions when looking for a service provider.