Book Publishing in 2012: Things We Need to Get Straight Edition

Presented by Michael Cader, Publishers Marketplace

Michael Cader of Publishers Marketplace reviews recent digital developments affecting the global book industry. He highlights the issues that publishers should really be paying attention to — and those that are getting more attention than they deserve.

Software as a Service: The Opportunity for Publishers

Presented by Ken Michaels, COO, Hachette Book Group

In a rapidly transforming industry the ability to innovate and adapt can require huge capital investment, expertise and change. The good news is that publishers do not have to be experts at every process or capability nor do they need to build these tools for themselves. Hachette Book Group COO, Ken Michaels, has been leading the innovative transformation at his company in a comprehensive way over the past three years. He discusses the changes and the opportunities along with the transitional issues and challenges in this journey.

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eBooks Go Global: A look at ebook growth around the world

Presented by Kelly Gallagher, VP, Publisher Services, RR Bowker

Bowker Market Research is building a Global eBook Monitor (GEM) to compare and analyze ebook purchasing and growth in countries around the world, including the US, UK, Australia, India, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, and Spain. Kelly Gallagher the VP for Research at Bowker, reports on the early findings of the service, including new country-level data.

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Taking the Plunge: Tor/Forge Goes DRM-Free

Presented by Fritz Foy, EVP, Digital Publishing, Macmillan

Macmillan announced in late April that they would be the first Big Six house to routinely deliver a large portion of their ebook output — all the titles published by Tom Doherty’s imprint, which includes both Tor and Forge — as DRM-free ebooks. Fritz Foy, Macmillan’s EVP of Digital Publishing and leading technology strategist, explains why Macmillan took this step and what they see as the benefits and consequences to their business.

Launch BEA - Phil OllilaA Changing Retail Marketplace: Print and digital sales trends for narrative fiction and non-fiction, illustrated, and children’s books

Presented by Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer, Ingram Content Group

Driven by both the shift of reading to digital platforms and the reduction of bookstore shelf space, book retail sales are quickly moving from brick stores to online channels. There is anecdotal evidence suggesting that stores are shifting their attention to books that need to be seen and touched to be purchased: adult illustrated books and children’s books. And those books are the very books that have not benefited proportionately from the growth of digital book consumption. In this presentation, Ingram Book Company shares data about recent shifts in online and print sales and insight into how retail outlets are shifting their stock and trade.