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B&N Says Foreign Language eBooks Selling “Outrageously Well” In US

“‘The month to month increase in sales is over 100 percent every month,’ BN’s Patricia Arancibia reported. ‘It’s one area where we completely win over any competitor.’ Barnes & Noble’s Nook Books en Español store, which launched in November 2010, now has over 50,000 Spanish titles, as well as thousands of titles in German, Russian, and other languages. Arancibia said e-bookstores in Spain generally carry about 3,000 titles.”

“Carmen Ospina, Digital Manager of Random House Mondadori (headquartered in Barcelona), says Barnes & Noble is now selling more e-books for Mondadori than its largest client is selling in Spain. Publishers in Spain have been slow to digitize their books, she said, and ‘while Spain catches up, the U.S. will be our main market, probably for a year.'”

Where Publishers Can Find More Paid Talent
“In a Publishers Launch Conferences panel moderated by Lorraine Shanley, principal of book industry consulting and executive recruitment firm Market Partners International, publishers said their biggest challenge is learning how to market directly to consumers. Here’s how some different publishers are addressing that gap.”