Publishers Launchpad: New Players, New Partners

Digital media companies developing apps and ebooks for children are using their skills in animation and gaming – and often new sources of content –to move into the “space” in the children’s market that publishers used to have for themselves. Who are these new players, and what impact will their products have on the established children’s book market? What role do they see their products playing in the future of book-like content, and how do they see themselves interacting with traditional publishers?

Publishers Launchpad will be a forum to highlight new propositions for children’s publishing from both start-ups and existing players. Each of the presenting companies will have five minutes to explain their new initiatives, followed by moderated audience Q&A.


Lisa Holton (Moderator), CEO and Founder, Fourth Story Media

Lisa Holton is the founder of Fourth Story Media, a digital media company that invites kids to participate in the stories they read. She speaks regularly about the reading experience for 21st century kids. Previously, Holton was President, Trade and Book Fairs at Scholastic, and SVP Publisher Disney Global Children’s Books.


Anna Belle Abraham, U.S. Manager of Multilingual and Multicultural Marketing & Communications, Genera Interactive

Genera Interactive is a Spain-based company that has been developing mobile content for nearly 10 years. Previously based in Sevilla, Anna is dedicated to developing brand awareness and international market position for Genera brand Playtales, leading multi-platform interactive bookstore for kids for Smartphones and Tablets.


Michel Kripalani, President, Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Oceanhouse Media, Inc. is a leading publisher of apps for Apple, Android, NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet, Kindle Fire and HP TouchPad devices. The company has released more than 280 apps and secured licensing agreements with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, HarperCollins, Random House Children’s Books, Hay House Publishers, Zondervan, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, Mercer Mayer and others


Woody Sears, Founder, zuuka

After the co-founding of FrogDogMedia with fellow entrepreneur Graham Farrar, the company’s iStoryTime digital publishing grew tremendously, leading to a merger with Germany-based zuuka GmbH, resulting in the world’s largest publisher of mobile children’s books.


Mark Ury, CEO and Founder, Storybird

Storybird is the world’s largest publishing platform for art-based storytelling. An experienced architect by trade, Mark has advised brands such as Nike, Starbucks, BMW, and Apple on digital strategy, service design, and product development.


Calvin Wang, Founder/CEO, Loud Crow Interactive, Inc

Calvin Wang is a digital book developer specializing in publishing innovative, interactive children’s books. He spent 15 years in high tech before his daughter and a movable book inspired him to establish Loud Crow. At Loud Crow, Calvin’s mission is to produce the highest-quality interactive reading experiences in the digital age.