Sizing-up the Children’s eBook Market

The Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Publishing to a Digital Generation

As the publishing community pushes to make digital content available across its key revenue generating genres, the opportunities and challenges of making this happen in the children’s market are both unique and substantial. While some believe the transition to digital to be obvious for a generation of ‘techie natives’  the current realities of digital content creation, marketing, and ultimately acceptance by the consumer present a set of challenges unique to this genre.
In this session, Kelly Gallagher of Bowker will present the latest findings of an ongoing national children’s consumer study from the US that seeks to shed understanding on– and provide assessment of the market for children’s digital consumer book products.

Kelly Gallagher
VP of Publishing Services, RR Bowker

Kelly Gallagher serves as VP of Publishing Services at RR Bowker. In this role he manages the implementation of a host of Bowker business intelligence services, including the PubTrack consumer research panel reaching over 40,000 ‘e’ and ‘p’ book consumers. For the past year, he has been leading a team of researchers on a three-year initiative for the Book Industry Study Group to study consumer attitudes toward e-devices and digital content. This long-term trended study looks at consumer purchases on a quarterly basis as it seeks to understand the rate and shift to digital content. In addition to managing the consumer research panel, he oversees sales data collection and analytics tools for the higher education and religious book markets for Bowker. Beyond his role at Bowker, Kelly also serves as Research Chair for the BISG.