The launch of Anobii’s discovery and social retailing platform

Anobii has existed as an online reading community since 2006, but with new investment from the HMV Group and from several of the UK’s  leading publishers, it has undergone a transformation. This presentation at PLC Frankfurt will mark the public launch of a new approach to integrating social capabilities into book discovery and purchasing.

Anobii combines the social elements of Facebook, Twitter and GoodReads, the crowd-sourced knowledge base of Wikipedia, and the retail back-end to sell ebooks directly to consumers. It will enable readers to create and curate globally crowd-sourced topics (taxonomies) and title groupings which will add a new way to browse and discover books while adding an exciting element to title metadata. All books can reside in multiple categories (like “multi-section shelving” in a store). Anobii is based and financed in the UK, but it is international and multi-lingual and could become influential in book discovery and sales anywhere in the world.


Matteo Berlucchi
CEO, Anobii

Matteoʼs digital career spans 15 years, during which he has conceived, built and launched several successful companies and services both online and on mobile. Prior to Anobii, Matteo was CEO and founder of Livestation, the leading service for live TV news online and the first company in the world to stream live TV on iPhones. Matteo started his career by launching the first online property system in Europe in 1995.