Two Steps to Global Licensing Success

Knowledge doesn’t stop at the border. Multi-territorial companies need information and the rights to share that content around the world. This is a market committed to respecting intellectual property rights—a golden opportunity for publishers, authors and their agents. Yet navigating the complexities of varying copyright laws, treaties and levies from one country to the next, has left many rightsholders wary of implementing a global licensing strategy.

In this presentation, Tracey Armstrong, CEO of U.S. RRO Copyright Clearance Center, will highlight two critical steps rightsholders can take now to realize their full revenue potential in a global market.


Tracey Armstrong
President and Chief Executive Officer, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

Tracey Armstrong is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Copyright Clearance Center. With over 20 years experience in rights management and with CCC, she has led the transformation of the company’s global copyright licensing solutions to meet the needs of today’s digital publishing world, distributing over $1 billion to rightsholders.