Insights from an eBookseller

Presented by Michael Tamblyn, EVP, Content, Sales and Merchandising, Kobo Inc.

Michael Tamblyn of Kobo has built a reputation as a great presenter at digital events partly because of his willingness to share information and insight that most other retailers will not. In this session, he tackles some of the knottier questions that ebook publishers face and offers real insight into maximizing your sales and delivering the right ebook package for your audience.

Michael Tamblyn
EVP, Content, Sales and Merchandising, Kobo Inc.

At Kobo Michael is responsible for sales, publisher and industry relations, content acquisition, and the merchandising experience across all of Kobo’s web and mobile services. He co-founded Canada’s first online bookstore, which was purchased by Indigo Books & Music in 1998, where he served as vice president of online operations. Most recently, Michael was the founding CEO of the supply chain agency BookNet Canada, where he launched the national sales reporting service BNC SalesData and authored the publishing technology call-to-arms, “Six Projects That Could Change Publishing for the Better.”

Michael has a Masters in Business Administration from University of Western Ontario.