The eBook Platform Evolves

Presented by Ron Martinez, Founder, Aerbook

Entire classes of books, like illustrated non-fiction, children’s books, culinary titles, how-to and special interest books, have until recently had to sit out the ebook revolution, because the first-generation, text-centric, re-flowable ebook platform has been incapable of delivering the capabilities these books require. Books like these have had to go outside the ebook format to another that is more capable: the app. But now it’s the ebook’s turn to get advanced capabilities, and books designed from the outset to take the most advantage of these evolved capabilities will flourish.

In this presentation, Ron Martinez tackles the complex world of illustrated and enhanced ebooks, apps, multimedia, and interactivity. He explains the difference between ebooks and apps — book-like apps and app-like ebooks — and examines the options and approaches to get them made (and whether to make them at all). and developing a toolkit to make it easier for people to create them themselves.

Ron Martinez is the founder of Aerbook, an eBook design and development company and publisher. He’s authored, designed, or developed entertainment, educational, and information titles in formats ranging from paperback book to massively multiplayer online game, and also spent a number of years heading up the global IP Innovation group at Yahoo!