Digital Marketing and Discovery

The eBooks for Everyone Else program breaks the challenge of getting your book in front of its readers into four discrete parts.

Understanding Metadata

Presented by Renée Register, Owner, DataCurate LLC

Metadata is simply information about your content, formatted in a way that makes it easy to share with your partners and users, and that fully enables the “magic” of search algorithms and search engine optimization strategies to work. In this presentation, Renée Register explains metadata: what it is, why it’s important, and how to make sure the metadata on your ebook effectively enables both discovery and transaction.

Making the Connection
How to increase your discoverability through search engine optimization
Patricia Payton, Senior Director of Publisher Relations & Content Development, R.R. Bowker

Patricia Payton of Bowker will amplify on a portion of the metadata conversation: search engine optimization. She will help our new epublishers understand the tricks of anticipating how your content will be discovered and making sure that it is carrying the tagging that will make searches in Google and other search engines return your book as an option when they should.

Online Marketing of eBooks

Presented by Rich Fahle, Founder & CEO, Astral Road Media

Explore, listen, engage. Former Borders vp and experienced online marketer Rich Fahle explains the keys to effective ebook marketing. He provides tips for building online relationships with readers, bloggers, and book reviewers, and he describes how to optimize and control your online presence through your own website, email list management, and keyword search.

Social Media: Making the best use of the new tools

Presented by Iris Blasi, Coordinator of Digital Media, Hilsinger Mendelson East

Social media ignites when passion meets profession, and as an author, an agent, or a publisher, you already have something to talk about: books. “What are you reading?” is one of the most intimate questions one can ask in polite society, and you can use the magical things that are books to connect with other like-minded people. The big question is HOW? In this presentation, Iris Blasi describes the subtle art of social media engagment. She reviews the social networking sites and tools available, the key questions to ask yourself as you build your social media platform, and the best ways to meaningfully (and successfully) engage in online conversation.


Iris Blasi
Coordinator of Social Media, Hilsinger Mendelson East

Iris Blasi is the Digital Media Coordinator at literary PR firm Hilsinger Mendelson East. Formerly, she was an associate editor at Union Square Press, and she’s also worked for Random House, NBC, and The Idea Logical Company. Her writing has appeared in outlets including The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Dow Jones Newswires, Publishers Weekly, BUST Magazine, The Jewish Daily Forward, Bitch Magazine, and BookPage.

Rich Fahle
Founder & CEO, Astral Road Media

For Astral Road, Rich Fahle draws on his extensive background as a marketing agent for authors, publishers, and book retailers in the emerging digital marketplace. Before launching Astral Road in 2010, Fahle served as Vice President, Digital Content, E-Commerce and Entertainment at Borders. Prior to Borders, Fahle was Chief Spokesperson and Communications Director for C-SPAN, the national public affairs cable television network based in Washington, D.C. He is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Patricia Payton
Senior Director, Publisher Relations & Content Development, Bowker

Patricia Payton, Senior Director of Publisher Relations and Content Development for Bowker, is responsible communicating metadata requirements and best practices to publishers of all sizes. Patricia has experience retail bookstores as well as international markets. She also holds a Master’s degree in Library Information Science specializing in Digital Libraries as well as an MBA. She actively contributes to BISG and other industry committees. You can find her on twitter @DiscoverBowker.

Renée Register
Owner, DataCurate LLC

Renée Register specializes in strategies for the creation, maintenance, and use of metadata to fully support content discovery. She recently launched DataCurate, a consulting and training firm focused on metadata optimization for publishers and libraries. Her work history includes ten years with Ingram Book Group and six years with OCLC (Online Computer Library Center). She holds a Masters in Library and Information Science and speaks widely on metadata issues.