Launch San Francisco

eBooks for Everyone Else

Wednesday, November 2
9:00 – 5:00

StoryWorld Conference + Expo
Parc 55 Wyndham — Union Square


Our producing partners at F+W Media–whom we work with on the successful annual Digital Book World conference–are organizing a new event in San Francisco, the StoryWorld Conference + Expo, focused on the new frontier of transmedia storytelling, gathering participants from across film, publishing, gaming, television and more.

Alongside the Storyworld event, Publishers Launch Conferences will present eBooks for Everyone Else, designed to help agents, small and medium-size publishers and authors learn how to make, distribute and market ebooks effectively–either on their own, or through appropriate vendors, distributors and other third-parties.

The program will include two hours of “speed dating” sessions among leading vendors in the space, providing up-close contact and q&a. At the same time we’ll convene discussion groups led by publishing experts on key areas including marketing, understanding the overall business requirements and costs of professionally publishing books, and choosing and managing outside service providers.

At the New York version of this show, presented in September, attendees gave high marks to the combination of presentations, speed-dating, and expert sessions, plus our high-value 48-page printed program book, which includes an annotated directory of dozens of leading vendors in the field. Among the generous testimonials:

“The time I spent at the Ebooks for Everyone Else conference was invaluable. I made excellent connections and learned a lot.”
Barbara Lowenstein, Lowenstein Associates

“I got a better understanding of the epublishing paradigm shift and came away feeling much more positive about what’s ahead. This was the single most valuable seminar I attended in years.
Janet Reid, FinePrint Literary

“By far the best digital publishing conference I’ve ever attended and I try to go to all of them in the NYC area. It was a day packed with cutting edge info and insights into the new technologies that are changing traditional publishing in ways we could hardly even imagine four or five years ago. Absolutely exhilarating.”
Betty Sargent, Freelance Editor

“Extremely well thought through and organized, Publishers Launch NY: eBooks for Everyone Else was one of the most useful and high value for my money conferences I have attended.
Jenny Frost, Frost Associates

“Publishers Launch provided a well-organized and well-run event even before the event started! Surveys before the show guaranteed that your time at the conference would be as beneficial to you as possible, and they delivered! Highly recommended.
Greg Freed, RosettaBooks

Cohesive and comprehensive, Publishers Launch: eBooks for Everyone Else is perfectly designed for the individuals, whatever their background, who are interested in understanding the e-book business and then better applying their knowledge in making relevant decisions.”
Weronika Janczuk, Lynn C. Franklin Associates

With special thanks to the IBPA for their support of eBooks for Everyone Else: