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Read reports, insights, and analysis from attendees and participating service providers and speakers at the conference:

Author (and attendee) Sarah Ramsey provides a good overview of the show and key takeaways for authors over at The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood:

Yesterday’s eBooks for Everyone Else conference was an amazing one-day event about all aspects of digital publishing, from formatting and uploading to pricing and marketing. The event, run by Publishers Launch, brought together approximately 100 publishers, agents, authors, and vendors for a quick and dirty slog through a very ambitious list of topics.

I could probably write a novella about this conference, but I’ll highlight a few of my key takeaways for you.


Matt Cavnar, head of production and acquisitions at Vook, was on hand to demo VookMaker and meet with attendees:

We were in San Francisco on Wednesday for the eBooks for Everyone Else conference from Publisher’s Launch. My laptop ran the under-cover beta of our platform for attendees — which might have distressed our engineers (hi guys!) but, as I expected, eBook building hummed smoothly…..

Other highlight presentations were Bob Mayer’s discussion of moving to self-publishing as a successful author, and finding even greater success there. Bob sounded more like a mini-publishing house—with the author as CEO. It’s the start-up lexicon applied to writing, and it’s exciting.


Smashwords founder and ceo Mark Coker presented on “the benefits of keeping ebook publishing simple”:

I attended the PublishersLaunch eBooks for Everyone Else conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. It was a great conference. I enjoyed meeting with authors, partners, agents and even competitors.

I gave a short presentation that explored the benefits of keeping ebook publishing simple… My message: The myriad e-publishing options can sound intimidating for first-time ebook authors, agents and publishers. I urged attendees to not make their e-publishing adventure more complex and expensive than necessary.


Industry consultant and Publishers Launch partner Mike Shatzkin evaluates the difficulty and practicality of self-publishing:

Getting ready for our eBooks for Everyone Else conferences, I discovered an author named Bob Mayer who impressed me with his self-publishing zeal and apparent success…

But what became clear when I had a further conversation with Mayer the day before our conference, buttressed by what was said by many other participants at the event, is that the Hocking-Konrath-Locke story — an author managing all the pieces of their publishing program and and achieving a totally private success — is a Dodo bird.