How to increase your discoverability

Presented by Patricia Payton, Senior Director of Publisher Relations & Content Development, R.R. Bowker

Patricia Payton of Bowker amplifies on a portion of the metadata conversation: search engine optimization. She will help new epublishers understand the tricks of anticipating how your content will be discovered and making sure that it is carrying the tagging that will make searches in Google and other search engines return your book as an option when they should.

Patricia Payton, Senior Director of Publisher Relations and Content Development for Bowker, is responsible communicating metadata requirements and best practices to publishers of all sizes. Patricia has experience retail bookstores as well as international markets. She also holds a Master’s degree in Library Information Science specializing in Digital Libraries as well as an MBA. She actively contributes to BISG and other industry committees. You can find her on twitter @DiscoverBowker.