Understanding Metadata

Presented by Bill Newlin, Publisher, Avalon Travel

Metadata is simply information about your content, formatted in a way that makes it easy to share with your partners and users, and that fully enables the “magic” of search algorithms and search engine optimization strategies to work. In this presentation, Bill Newlin explains the metadata basics: what it is, why it’s important, and how to make sure the metadata on your ebook effectively enables both discovery and transaction.

Download the full text of the talk.

Bill Newlin is publisher of Avalon Travel (Perseus), home of Rick Steves, Moon, Let’s Go, and other travel series.  Bill began publishing travel guides in 1982 and has been publishing and promoting online since 1994. Current digital projects include complex ePub editions, multimedia apps, SPR chapter excerpts, web and social media marketing, and the development of XML workflows.