ePublishing Isn’t Free

The costs and requirements of professional ebook publishing

David Wilk will outline what exactly goes into the publishing process (not how it has always been, but how it is today). Many people believe that anyone can be a publisher — and indeed, technology is making it easier every day to publish content to an audience. Every publisher today ought to be thinking about what they do, and what value they bring to the publishing process. Knowing what all those elements are (not to mention the “secret sauce” that makes one publisher different from another) will be increasingly important as we look at redefined roles throughout the publishing ecosystem.

Whether you are a traditional book publisher, an agent looking at digital publishing as an opportunity, a start up publisher or entrepreneur, or an author faced with the choice and option of publishing your own books, it is critical to know what is involved in digital publishing. Not only the steps, as they are different from or the same as the steps in print publishing have been, but the overall ecosystem that surrounds and supports digital publishing.


David Wilk

David Wilk has broad experience in book publishing, sales, distribution, marketing and digital technologies.He operates Creative Management Partners, providing content creators and owners with a range of publishing services, including editorial, print and digital production, sales and marketing strategies, website development and consulting services. Websites include booktrix.com, livewriters.com, writerscast.com, prospectapress.com.

Wilk writes and speaks about the book industry. He is Director of Marketing for Good Business International (www.good-b.com) and a partner in Aerbook (www.aerbook.com) creating next generation ebooks for tablets and smartphones.

Current and recent clients include publishers, authors, thought leaders, corporations and nonprofits.