Constellation is the only complete digital service for independent publishers that empowers digital discovery. The variety of services enables and supports digital publishing, distributes and monitors digital ebooks, as well as provides a suite of online marketing tools.

  • What is the benefit of selling e-books now?
  • I’ve never sold digital copies of my books before. What do I need to know to begin?
  • What is the risk of digital piracy?
  • To which e-Book partners will Constellation be distributing files?
  • What happens if I already have a contract with one or more of these vendors?
  • How do I track sales?
  • Do Kindle sales show up in Amazon POS?
  • How many e-Book ISBNs do I need? I’ve heard that I may need to assign one for each
  • format on the market.
  • Does Constellation distribute internationally and to what vendors?
  • Will my files be stored and how do I know they are safe?
  • How do I get paid?