Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a global rights broker for the world’s most sought after print and online content, from books, journals and newspapers to blogs and images. CCC serves the interests of those who supply content as well as those who use it. Publishers, authors and other rightsholders trust CCC to help them drive new bottom-line revenue from global and hard-to-reach markets, while reducing overhead costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Who is Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)?
CCC is a licensing broker between rightsholders and content users, providing businesses and academic institutions with convenient and cost effective ways to get permission to use copyright protected materials while compensating authors, publishers and other content creators for the use of their works.

How long has CCC been around?
CCC was founded in 1978 as a not-for-profit organization.

What services does CCC offer?

Two Annual Copyright Licenses:

  • The Annual Copyright License for Business allows employees to share copyrighted content from millions of information sources across their companies, and with the Multinational License, around the world.
  • The Annual Copyright License for Academic Institutions makes it easy for academic institutions to lawfully reuse and distribute content in course materials and research. It allows faculty and staff, researchers and students to collaborate freely while respecting the intellectual property of others.

Pay-Per-Use Services: A suite of services that rightsholders can enroll their rights in to provide instant permissions to content users.

RightsLink: Point-of-content licensing tool that is integrated into a publisher’s website to enable their customers to secure permissions and reprints for content of all kinds without ever leaving their site.

RightsCentral: An online portal that helps rightsholders manage their business with CCC and inform future licensing decisions.

What are some results of CCC’s services?
Last year, CCC distributed $171 million in royalties to publishers and authors worldwide. In the last 10 years, CCC has distributed more than $1 billion in royalties.

What are CCC’s newest offerings?
CCC recently introduced two new services to simplify the acquisition and licensing of rights between rightsholders: the Republication License, a self-service model which allows you to acquire and license rights on, and the Permissions Acquisition Service, a professional services model where we acquire permissions for you. These services were developed based on feedback from publishers and authors that acquiring rights to reuse previously published content in new or republished titles is too labor intensive and time-consuming.