Ingram Content Group Inc. is the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content. Thousands of publishers, retailers, and libraries worldwide use our products and services to realize the full business potential of books, regardless of format. Ingram has earned its lead position and reputation by offering excellent service and creating innovative, integrated solutions. Our customers have access to best-of-class digital, audio, print, print-on-demand, inventory management, wholesale and full-service distribution programs.

Why should I use Ingram?
It is important to ensure that your titles are available where your readers are looking for them. Ingram allows you to quickly and easily distribute your titles to the right places—allowing you to remain focused on developing new content.

What services set you apart from other distributors?
The connectivity between Ingram’s leading print and digital solutions, and the unmatched global reach that the company provides, gives publishers a single comprehensive source to sell more books in more places without more effort.

Where will my e-books be sent?
Ingram’s growing list of retail partners includes Amazon, Kindle , Apple , Barnes & Noble, GoSpoken/Mobcast, Gardners, and Kobo in addition to 60 global retailer partners that Ingram manages on behalf of its publishers.

What requirements are associated with Ingram’s e-book distribution program?
First and foremost, you must have the digital rights to distribute and sell the content. In addition, metadata, pricing and proper file images will be required.