INscribe Digital

INscribe Digital provides publishers large and small with an easy and transparent system for digitizing, converting, storing, and distributing eBook content globally to any eReading device, application, and/or online store. We remove the complexity from the digital administration and distribution process, while at the same time keeping publishers in complete control of their content.

I have a PDF or Word document. Can you help me turn it into an ePub?
One of the services that INscribe Digital provides is a suite of conversion partners. INscribe can help you make everything from a traditional ePub to an enhanced ePub with fixed format, video and audio content, and more.

How often can I see my sales?
As quickly as it is available from the retailer, we show it to you. Some retailers provide daily sales information; others provide weekly and monthly data. We offer you an easy to use client console that will allow you to see your sales as quickly as we receive the information.

I have never marketed a title before this. Can you help me with marketing services?
From basic to advanced marketing, INscribe has a solution. We will promote your titles for marketing at the major retailers, offering your titles for any appropriate promotions. We also have a suite of more advanced marketing opportunities available for reasonable fees. In 2012, we will also be offering webinars, and other marketing tools.

If I already have a direct deal with one retailer, can I exclude that from the agreement?
Our agreements are customizable. You can opt in and out of retailers at your discretion on a title level basis. Keep in mind that if we do not distribute the title for you, your reporting & marketing services will exclude those retailers’ links.

How often do I get paid royalties, and how?
We pay pay monthly, 30 days after we are paid by the retailers. We can pay via check, wire transfer, or by PayPal. Along with your statement, you will receive a details tab that summarizes sales by retailer and by day, so you can easily see the effect of your marketing efforts.

Where will I find my titles if you distribute them?
Currently, we distribute to Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Books on Board & Sony. We have signed contracts with Overdrive & 24 Symbols which will be live in early 2012. With those partnerships, we encompass many other retailers, like WH Smith and Waterstone’s. We continue to expand our offerings, and have proven we can handle hundreds of retailers, as we have more than 700 live in our music distribution service.