Beat Barblan

Director of Identifier Services, Bowker

Beat Barblan serves as Director of Identifier Services at RR Bowker. He is responsible for such identifier asset management and discoverability solutions as ISBN, ISTC, ISNI and DOI. These solutions are renowned for their ability to standardize works across the book industry and content services supply chain, benefitting publishers, self publishers, authors, and other book industry professionals. Bowker is a business unit of ProQuest.Mr. Barblan joined Bowker in 2007 as Product Manager for the company’s Supply Chain business, overseeing new development and maintenance for Pubnet and PubEasy, the publishing industry’s premier electronic ordering tools, and PubEasySchool, the new Bowker K12 product. Prior to joining Bowker, Mr. Barblan was Sr. Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer / Ovid where he helped launch the OvidSP platform.

Mr Barblan is a native of Switzerland, where he lived until his late teens in the Italian-speaking region known as The Ticino before moving to the New York metropolitan area. After getting a degree in Philosophy from Rutgers University, he held a variety of jobs, both in the US and in Switzerland, including dispatcher for the Swiss Federal Railway System, translator for an elevator company, technology strategist for company in the hospitality business, foreign language teacher at a public middle school as well as two previous positions at Bowker.

Beat and his wife Tanya have two adult children, Matthew and Susanna, and live in Morristown, NJ.