David Wilk

David Wilk is a publishing industry veteran with broad experience in book publishing, sales, distribution, marketing and digital technologies.

He operates Creative Management Partners, providing content creators and owners with a full range of publishing services, including editorial development, print and digital production, sales and marketing strategies, website development and consulting services, all with a deep commitment to connecting content with consumers.

Wilk’s ongoing projects include booktrix.com (book marketing and consulting), livewriters.com (video sharing for authors and books), writerscast.com (author and book industry interview podcasts), prospectapress.com (author driven print and digital publishing). Additionally, he is working with the Stamford, Connecticut Innovation Center to create a digital publishing incubator and think tank called Publish the Future.

Wilk writes and speaks about book industry matters, and serves as the Director of Marketing for Good Business International (www.good-b.com). He has been involved with the publishing and marketing of literally thousands of books, including a number of best sellers.

David is a partner in Aerbook (www.aerbook.com), a digital technology firm based in San Francisco, creating next generation ebooks for tablets and phones as well as tools for content discovery.

Current and recent clients include publishers, authors, thought leaders, corporations and nonprofits such as A & E Television, Sybase, SharedBook.com, Perseus Books, Harry Abrams, CJP Communications, Goodwood Press, and many others.

Working with writers and publishers to help them connect with readers is his primary work. Writing and editing words in any media remains his primary passion.

He lives in Weston, Connecticut with his family.

Twitter: @dwilk
Company: Booktrix
Podcasts: WritersCast