Scott Waxman

Principal of the Waxman Literary Agency, Chairman and Co-Founder of Diversion Books

Scott Waxman runs the Waxman Literary Agency, a mid-sized agency with a roster of more than 200 authors, including many national bestsellers in a variety of fiction and non-fiction categories. Scott founded the agency in 1997 and has since expanded the company to include literary agents Farley Chase, Holly Root and Byrd Leavell.

He started his career at HarperCollins Publishers where he worked as an editor in the early 1990’s before moving to the agenting side, first at Sobel Weber and then the Literary Group International. In 1999, Scott founded LiveReads, an e-publisher of multi-media e-books in collaboration with the top literary agencies in the industry and was considered a first mover in the early days of digital publishing.

By founding Diversion Books, a new arm of the agency focused on providing the agency’s authors as well as authors outside of the agency with the benefits of electronic publishing, Scott is once again looking for new ways forward in the world of books. Diversion has successfully published dozens of frontlist backlist titles, offering authors and agents a total epublishing solution that includes editorial, design, conversion, distribution, marketing and accounting.