Stephen Page

Photo courtesy of Sarah Lee.

Publisher and CEO, Faber and Faber

Stephen Page is Chief Executive and Publisher of Faber and Faber Ltd. and has worked in the publishing industry for nearly twenty years. He began his career in bookselling and transferred into publishing working in marketing and sales disciplines before moving to Fourth Estate and becoming Managing Director in 2000. In 2001 he was asked to join Faber as Chief Executive and is leading the company to new levels of success, recognized in 2006 when Faber was named Publisher of the Year.

In April 2005 Stephen became Vice President, Publishers Association and then President in 2006. He is an active member of the Publishers Association Council, the Trade Publishers Council and the Publishers Association / Booksellers Association Liaison Group.

In 2007 Stephen was invited to give the Guardian World Book Day keynote address and is frequently asked to speak and write on the issues facing the publishing industry and in particular on the subject of the digital future of publishing and the role of authors in the digital environment. Stephen is also active in promoting the importance of libraries, independent bookshops, diversity, environmental issues and the areas of intellectual property that are of urgent concern to publishers: territorial rights, copyright and the opportunities offered by digitization.

Under Stephen’s leadership Faber became the founding member of the innovative Independent Alliance which comprises ten independent publishers (SMEs) who share resources and intelligence in order to compete with corporate publishers in an increasingly consolidated retail landscape.

Website: Faber and Faber