Tom Turvey

Tom Turvey is Director, Strategic Partnerships, in the Search Services group at Google in support of Google Books, Google Scholar, and other Google products digitizing magazines and newspapers.  Google Books launched in October 2004 and now contains the searchable full-texts of more than 15 million books, over 2M contributed directly from over 30,000 of the world’s most important book publishers at

Turvey and his team were responsible for signing the majority of the world’s largest book publishers for Google Books and for striking the majority of relationships with journal publishers for Google Scholar.   More recently, Turvey’s team added thousands of ebooks to Google’s new ebookstore which launched in December 2010.  Lastly, Turvey is also responsible for Google’s library partnerships globally.

Mr. Turvey came to Google having spent nearly 20 years in book publishing, book-based eCommerce, and institutional content licensing.

Previous to Google, Mr. Turvey was Vice President, Content & Business Development for ebrary, a publisher-funded content aggregator.  Prior to ebrary, Mr. Turvey was the founding Director of the Publisher Relations & Merchandising Analysis group at Barnes &

Turvey has spent much of his career growing the book business in new channels.  Before joining Barnes &, he was Director, Online Sales & Marketing at HarperCollins Publishers (the first job of its kind in the book industry), where he pioneered the online bookselling channel as early as 1996.  At HarperCollins, he established trading terms and relationships with Barnes &,, Borders and many other online retailers.  Turvey was also general manager for several bookstores in Manhattan of different kinds and niches.

Turvey has been a keynote speaker at major book publishing gatherings worldwide, including Book Expo America, Hong Kong Book Fair, Association of American Publishers Annual Meeting, Publishers’ Association (UK) Annual General Meeting, Association of American University Presses Annual Meeting, Children’s Book Council, London Book Fair, Book Expo Canada, the Charleston Conference, Cape Town Book Fair, Taipei International Book Fair, Bogotá International Book Fair, Guadalajara International Book Fair, Tokyo Book Fair, and many more.

Mr. Turvey holds a B.A. in political science from Oklahoma State University.