These are our Global Sponsors, helping to make possible Publishers Launch events around the world, throughout the year:

Copyright Clearance Center
Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a global rights broker for the world’s most sought after print and online content, from books, journals and newspapers to blogs and images.

CCC serves the interests of those who supply content as well as those who use it. Businesses, academic institutions and other organizations rely on our solutions for the rights to use and share copyrighted material. Publishers, authors and other rightsholders trust CCC to help them drive new bottom-line revenue from global and hard-to-reach markets, while reducing overhead costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1978 as a not-for-profit organization, CCC provides international licensing expertise to organizations around the world in an effort to simplify licensing and support the intellectual property rights of content creators. CCC has paid more than $1 billion in royalties to rightsholders over the past 10 years.


Constellation is the only complete digital service for independent publishers that empowers digital discovery. The variety of services enables and supports digital publishing, distributes and monitors digital eBooks, as well as provides a suite of online marketing tools.

With Constellation, our complete, one-stop digital service, we believe that we can give you, the independent publisher, an unparalleled ability to choose the services you want while minimizing your investment of time, money, and resources.

This powerful technology- and vendor-agnostic service creates one central repository and service organization that can help you manage your titles through their life cycle, leveraging—where appropriate—online marketing and sampling, e-book distribution and sales, short print run (short print runs to stock), and true print on demand (print only to order).