eBooks for Everyone Else Presentations

eBooks for Everyone Else was filled with data, insight, and advice from leading ebook publishing service providers and experts.

Slides from both the New York and San Francisco eBEE conferences are now available.

The image above comes from Kobo evp Michael Tamblyn’s very helpful analysis of pricing bands for different types of books. (His presentation also covers stats on self-publishing, and addresses other issues including DRM under the general premise, “what are a few things that would be helpful to know if you were not a big publisher?”) Other presentations cover the costs of epublishing; distribution options; understanding distribution deals and sales models; making both simple and complex ebooks; what you need to know about apps and enhanced ebooks; understanding metadata basics; and tips on online marketing and social media.

Both shows (and the accompanying 48-page printed program book and directory we provide to all attendees) drew enthusiastic reviews from participants:

I got a better understanding of the epublishing paradigm shift and came away feeling much more positive about what’s ahead. This was the single most valuable seminar I attended in years.”

“The most informative single day you can invest in regarding the current state and future of the digital publishing world.”

“eBooks for Everyone Else has provided me with an up-to-the-minute toolkit I can take back to my client publishers to make their eBook dreams come true. Gathering this much information would have taken days if not weeks; instead, just eight hours.”

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