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eBooks for Everyone Else Presentations

eBooks for Everyone Else was filled with data, insight, and advice from leading ebook publishing service providers and experts. Slides from both the New York and San Francisco eBEE conferences are now available. The image above comes from Kobo evp Michael Tamblyn’s very helpful analysis of pricing bands for different types of books. (His presentation […]

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Publishers Launch: Children’s Books at Digital Book World In January 2012

For the first time, we present a full-day US conference just for children’s publishers, addressing the special digital opportunities and challenges they face as ereading tablets take off. Publishers Launch DBW: Children’s Publishing Goes Digital opens the week of activity around Digital Book World 2012, on Monday, January 23, the day before the big DBW […]

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Publishers Launch: eBooks for Everyone Else

After a number of “global” shows for international audiences, eBooks for Everyone Else is a show for all of those people in the US looking to jump-start their ebook plans. Specifically aimed at literary agents, small- and mid-size publishers, as well as individual authors, this event focuses on the main pieces of making, distributing and […]

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